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Published on: Wed, 06/05/2020 - 20:05

The new trade information portal is a specialized official resource for all the relevant import, export and transit procedures and documents.

Chisinau, May 5, 2020 – The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova and the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova with the support of the USAID Structural Reform Program in Moldova is launching today the Trade Information Portal designed for the national and international business community. The new information system is accessible at

The Trade Information Portal of the Republic of Moldova ( is the main source of specialized official information on the relevant procedures and required documents for the import, export and transit activity.

“By implementing reforms in the trade area, the Government sets up a transparent and predictable environment for cross-border commercial transactions based on simple, standardized customs procedures and practices, documentation requirements, freight and transit operations, commercial and transport arrangements. Our continuous efforts were translated into such initiatives as the Trade Information Portal of Moldova to prove that we are one step ahead on the way to improve access to trade related information that is essential for the clarity and predictability of international commercial transactions. Therefore, I call on our traders and enterprises to access the Portal and take advantage of the opportunities that it offers”, declared Sergiu Railean, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure.

By accessing the portal, users can get informed on the regimes and customs-approved treatments, goods declaration, their classification and origin, quotas, permits, duties for any category of goods etc. This resource will also provide explanation on authorizations, including the Authorized Economic Operator, Local Clearance Procedure or Approved Exporter or registration as an external economic operator.

The Director of the Customs Service, Sergiu Burduja, noted that “Supporting the business community is an ongoing concern of the Customs Service and our cooperation with the USAID Structural Reform Program in Moldova allows us to maximize the opportunities offered by this partnership with a view to meeting our commitments. The today’s launch of the Trade Information Portal came as the result of a tremendous effort realized by the specialists involved in its development and contains all the information needed by an economic operator. We intend to further implement more instruments of communication with the business environment and develop new mechanisms to facilitate international trade in goods”.

The Trade Information Portal of the Republic of Moldova will meet the information and consultation demand of the business community and of the broad public related to export/import and transit operations’ regulation of the Republic of Moldova. Specifically, it will allow significant optimization of resources allocated by the business community for the purpose of identifying and accessing export, import and transit procedures in the territory of the Republic of Moldova. All the information provided on the portal, including standard forms for various procedures and requests, is offered free of charge.

In turn, Douglas Muir, the Director of the USAID Structural Reform Program in Moldova, noted the following: “This achievement makes us feel very excited and proud. This is a result of joint effort made in efficient cooperation between the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, the Customs Service and the USAID Structural Reform Program in Moldova and represents another important support facility offered to the business community. The Trade Information Portal will make the commercial activity easier, clearer and more transparent and will make the image of the Republic of Moldova more attractive. At the same time, by launching the Portal, Moldova meets one more of its international commitments. And not the least, let me note that our Program will continue supporting the Moldovan authorities in their actions aimed at business environment empowerment and trade facilitation”.

The Trade Information Portal of the Republic of Moldova was launched in the context of the commitments assumed by the Republic of Moldova in the world trade system through the Agreement on Trade Facilitation under the World Trade Organization and the Moldova-EU Association Agreement (DCFTA).

We note that in February this year, the Customs Service launched the External Trade Information Point as a part of the Joint Call Center established a result of reorganization and modernization of the Joint Call Center of the Customs Service implemented with the support of the USAID Structural Reform Program in Moldova.

For more information please contact:

Joint Call Center of the Customs Service

External Trade Information Point

Tel: +373 22 788 888