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Moldova Business Week 2020

Published on: Wed, 28/10/2020 - 12:48

We start the registration for the major economic event Moldova Business Week 2020, this year, in a unique digital format. Join and meet international speakers and explore the new trends in the world economy and development prospects in our country.

This year’s program will be focused on harmonious combination between global knowledge’ sharing and local companies’ pitches seeking for investment and partnership. Joining this event, world-class visioners will share their insights on the challenges to be addressed alongside the path to the new economic reality. The Government panel is enhanced with tailored policies designed to support the growth of current investors and new comers.

MBW-2020 platform will provide relevant content and features bringing the event to a new level of engagement and interactivity between participants as well as keeping networking at the core of the event experience, such as: Opening Ceremony, Global Guests, Plenary Session with Country Presentation, Super brand stories, Pitch – sessions split by economic sectors, One2One meetings.

We anticipate your acceptance to this invitation and extend it to concerned business associations, investment funds, national authorities in charge of investment and trade, your business community. You are invited to join and connect to more than 1000 business partners, leading Republic of Moldova towards the Digital, Sustainable and Resilient Economy.

Learn more and register at: